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Inga Joseph

Helping people heal from long-term and chronic health conditions.

Inga Joseph

A specialist in the management of long term and chronic health conditions

I understand the emotions and trauma underlying in conditions of poor health and facilitate in helping you heal from those, which allows permanent healing to occur. I have seen clients heal permanently from medically incurable illnesses, become free of lifelong medication and return home after months of being in hospital. My message for you: it does not matter how sick you are or what sickness you have, complete healing is absolutely possible.

Inga Joseph

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy  Bachelor of Physical Education Certificate IV in Fitness Masters of Special Education Certificate of Nutrition and Wellness Certificate of Muscular Endurance Training Theta Healing Basic - Advanced and Dig Deeper Instructor Certificate Theta Healing Practitioner Certificate Pilates Matwork Certificate


I am a teacher at heart and love all things natural and spiritual, so I love teaching you in these areas. In addition to working with clients that are suffering from chronic illness, I specialise in guiding people to realise their true potential, how powerful they really are and how to live life at optimal health and well-being.


I started working in the health and well-being industry 20 years ago as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor; since then, I have studied naturopathy and various healing modalities. With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, it became clear that stress, trauma and subconscious belief systems are the driving force behind mental and physical health issues. I guide clients to realise their true potential and understand that they can be free of sickness, feeling stuck, feeling anxious, depressed or lost and that everyone can live the life of their dreams. I am passionate about guiding people toward their purpose and reaching their potential so that the world can be a better place and people can realise that they can be free of pain and suffering.