Compression is a key part of any lymphoedema management program, and comprises of compression bandaging for swelling reduction, and compression garments for swelling maintenance.

Compression bandaging is combined with manual lymph draining, exercise and skin care for lymphoedema and lipoedema and is known as decongestive therapy. This therapy is designed to reduce swelling prior to measuring for a compression garment. Due to their convenience, compression wraps are now often used to replace bandaging.

Once adequate reduction is achieved, patients can be fitted into a compression garment. Studies suggest that wearing a compression garment can help reduce swelling associated with lymphoedema by stopping fluid from building up in the tissue and by moving excess fluid out of the affected area. In cases of lipoedema, the tissue can be quite sensitive and therefore a lighter compression garment may be recommended.

Any compression garment must be chosen carefully and correctly fitted for best results. This means time must be taken to accurately measure and select the most appropriate garments for you. It is for this reason that the Illawarra Lymphoedema Service is associated with several major international compression companies. We also carry travel socks or stockings for your overseas trips.

Jan’s knowledge of fitting is extensive having worked in the Fashion industry for many years and now is also a consultant educator for Haddenham Health, a UK based compression garment company.

If you require compression as part of your management program there is no additional cost.

Treatment Duration Price Bookings
Compression Garment Consultation 30mins $60 Bookings


I was so thankful that Jan was able to provide treatment for me only 5 days post surgery. The initial treatment session immediately reduced my pain, improved movement and reduced swelling. The second treatment I remember as being an immediate turning point where it was so significant that “I could breathe”. It felt like my chest had been released and I could breathe and move without the huge pressure that I was feeling across my chest. It was amazing, “life changing”.

Annette Perram

Jan,  you’ve been a superstar for me, from nearly 3 years ago. I can self-manage most of the time (that little paint roller is amazing) and treat myself to a lymph treatment once a month. Plus the lessons you gave Bruce to assist with my massage have been invaluable.

Sandra Waelend

Great professional service. I have recommended people to visit and try for themselves as it was/is helpful to me.

Lissy Willkomm