Education at the Illawarra Lymphoedema Service is an integral part of our self-management program. If you understand your body and the changes surgery or injury have caused, we believe you are better equipped to manage your own healing.

As every case is individual, we will encourage you to know how your body will best heal given the fundamental physical and emotional changes you are dealing with.

How do we do this? At your initial consultation we will discuss what you know about your condition and how much more would be helpful to know. We can then be guided by you the extent of the information we share through educational handout, research papers, pod casts or in-house informational sessions.

We will also be conducting free monthly information sessions on varying topics. You will need to email or phone to indicate your intention to attend. A minimum of 3 participants is required (carers or friends are also welcome)


Our monthly newsletters will also inform you of latest technology, helpful management tips or upcoming workshops. Please be sure to let us know if you would like to receive our newsletters and if you have an interest or topic that we could include.

Workshop prices will vary according to the event and duration, details will be available when workshops are announced.


I was so thankful that Jan was able to provide treatment for me only 5 days post surgery. The initial treatment session immediately reduced my pain, improved movement and reduced swelling. The second treatment I remember as being an immediate turning point where it was so significant that “I could breathe”. It felt like my chest had been released and I could breathe and move without the huge pressure that I was feeling across my chest. It was amazing, “life changing”.

Annette Perram

Jan,  you’ve been a superstar for me, from nearly 3 years ago. I can self-manage most of the time (that little paint roller is amazing) and treat myself to a lymph treatment once a month. Plus the lessons you gave Bruce to assist with my massage have been invaluable.

Sandra Waelend

Great professional service. I have recommended people to visit and try for themselves as it was/is helpful to me.

Lissy Willkomm