Any surgery is traumatic and if there is lingering pain and swelling, recovery may be prolonged. Inflammation is part of the healing process after surgery but swelling that doesn’t resolve can be problematic for recovery.

Every surgery will result in some degree of scarring. Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after surgery or injury. Scars can also create lesions (adhesion) which can cause pain and movement restriction even years after surgery. It is important to seek early advice for management of scarring to eliminate potential adhesions.

Scar treatment involves an assessment for adhesions followed by gentle releasing techniques.

A functional assessment to observe any range of motion restrictions that may be limiting activities is also conducted.

Treatment Duration Price Bookings
Initial Assessment/Treatment 60mins $143 (including GST) Bookings
Follow up Treatment 60mins $125.40 (including GST) Bookings

Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Scar Tissue Release Therapy is a gentle and effective technique used to decrease discomfort, adhesions, or congestion of scar tissue that impacts the fascia. Fascia is that ‘Glad wrap’ looking tissue that binds, connects and holds the individual components of the body together.

Your treatment will combine manual therapies such as myofascial hold techniques, stretch and lift and cupping to release the fascial restrictions. You may feel such sensations as a slight tugging or pressure as the scar tissue is released. Your therapist will communicate with you throughout your session to ensure that you are comfortable.

Treatment Duration Price Bookings
Initial Treatment 60mins $143 (including GST) Bookings
Follow Up Treatment 60mins $125.40 (including GST) Bookings


I was so thankful that Jan was able to provide treatment for me only 5 days post surgery. The initial treatment session immediately reduced my pain, improved movement and reduced swelling. The second treatment I remember as being an immediate turning point where it was so significant that “I could breathe”. It felt like my chest had been released and I could breathe and move without the huge pressure that I was feeling across my chest. It was amazing, “life changing”.

Annette Perram

Jan,  you’ve been a superstar for me, from nearly 3 years ago. I can self-manage most of the time (that little paint roller is amazing) and treat myself to a lymph treatment once a month. Plus the lessons you gave Bruce to assist with my massage have been invaluable.

Sandra Waelend

Great professional service. I have recommended people to visit and try for themselves as it was/is helpful to me.

Lissy Willkomm